واسه خودت اسپند دود کن!

Handwoven Palm cylinder Basket – Mini


If you like to decorate your house with stylish and traditional items, this handwoven basket is for you. You can fold the upper part and change the appearance of the basket. So you have two baskets by purchasing one product.

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This basket can be used as a vase to your mini plant. You can use three or more baskets to decorate the bookshelves. Use your imagination and give a fresh look to your room. This basket is also perfect for storing toys, pens, etc. furthermore, you can tidy up your kitchen by using these baskets and putting them in cabinets or around the kitchen to store beans, cereals, kitchen gadgets, and so on.

Straw plaiting has long been a popular handicraft among the Middle-East countries. The abundance of palm trees and availability of raw materials led people to handwoven palm crafts in this area. Palm handicraft is deeply ingrained in these people, and it is a symbol of their life.
We support these deprived countries by selling their native products to make their talent known worldwide.


Height: 16cm
Diameter: 7cm

The size of these baskets may vary slightly since they are woven by human hands. The thing is that this variation is not a disadvantage but makes these baskets even more special.

Sustainability & environment

These baskets are made with renewable materials. They come from natural resources(palm leaves) and can be replenished over and over.
They are also eco-friendly, meaning you can throw them in the forest and no harm will cause to the trees. Don’t do this of course! Everything in the production of these baskets is safe for the environment. Our planet needs such products to maintain her energy.

Renewable materials, as opposed to fossil and finite materials, come from living sources that can be regenerated at the same rate as they are used up.

Care & Material

palm leaves.

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm





Palm leaves

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